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Challenging Abuse In The Home 

Helpline:  0151 494 2222


12 sessions exploring issues that affect young people        
Certificate on completion of the programme


We are offering an early intervention and prevention service aimed at young people aged between 14-19.  The programme, #YouthTalk is for any young person that has witnessed domestic abuse at home or is in an abusive relationship or is at risk of being in one.

#YouthTalk can also be used for an information only educational/awareness raising tool for young people in schools, youth centres and other venues and can be tailored to suit the needs of all organisations working with young people. 
It focuses on educating young people about healthy relationships, how they can develop positive coping strategies and build personal resilience to deal with a range of issues.

#YouthTalk provides a safe space for young people to explore their feelings, tell their story and get support.

If you would like more information or you want to refer a young person, please contact us on:
0151 494 2222 / 0151 1777